Read On! An Average Day at the Library

On an average day in May, 190 people wandered through the Library’s doors. 

While they were here on that average day, they used our computers or wifi 445 times (or two times each), checked out over 150 items (or ¾ of an item each), asked 88 questions of Library staff (or ½ a question each), and saved $2,209 (or $12 each) just by using our resources. All in one day!

It’s funny to break down the Library’s statistics in this way (how, exactly, does someone ask half a question anyway?). Looking at an average day’s activities is a good reminder that the Library is here for far more than what we stock on the shelves. Clearly, we are serving needs beyond helping people find their next great read. 

For some, the Library offers a cool, safe place to wait for a ride or a nice place to study for the test that will improve job prospects. For others, the Library offers a space to meet with friends (or make new ones) to attend classes and events. For many, the Library offers a way to save money – borrow books and ebooks instead of buying them or download audiobooks from Overdrive instead of paying for a subscription to a service like Audible. 

During the summer months, the Library offers lots of ways to keep kids and teens engaged in reading and library use while they’re on a break from school. This engagement keeps them from falling behind their grade level during the summer and starting the next school year at a disadvantage. 

Whatever your reason for coming through the Library’s doors, we’re happy you’re here. 

Don’t miss our Summer Reading events this week:

Mon: Jonita Mullins, Oklahoma Author & History Teller at 6:30 PM (for adults)

Tues: Galaxy Slime at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM (for ages 5-11)

Wed: Storytime at 10:30 AM (for ages 0-4)

Thurs: Astronaut Training Camp at 6:30 PM (for ages 12-18)