Read On! Adult Literacy

We’re still working on the final wording for our Strategic Plan, but some of the projects we want to tackle are too important to wait until the Plan is fully complete. Two of those projects are the Adult Literacy and English Language Learning programs.

Haley, our point person for both programs, is in the process of selecting the curriculum we will use for both programs. While she’s working on that, we have begun our search for students. That’s where you come in, dear reader.

If you know of anyone who wants some one-on-one tutoring to strengthen their reading or literacy skills, please send them our way. We are a judgement-free space at the library. We don’t care why they need help, we just want to help.

Also, if you know of anyone who wants one-on-one tutoring to learn English, please send them our way. We simply want to help anyone who wants it.

Eventually, when we have students, we’ll also be searching for tutors, so keep that in mind.

And finally, as part of our English Language Learning, we’ll come full-circle to help English speakers who are interested in learning another language. We’re looking for languages of interest and students of those languages so that we can start small conversation groups. Likely, they’ll meet on a Monday evening and consist of a group of people speaking entirely in Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to encourage prospective students to reach out, consider volunteering to help those students, and languages you’re interested in learning, languages you’re proficient in speaking, and whether you’re willing to spend some time with us to make these programs successful. 

Feel free to call the library (918) 825-0777 and ask for me or Haley if you’d like more information.