Read On! Strategic Plan

August 30, 2021

This is the last year of our current three-year strategic plan, so it’s time for the library to start writing a new one. I’m thankful we don’t have to start from scratch again, but we are going to face some different challenges as we plan for the next three years. Namely, we’re still dealing with a pandemic that has changed our current service model dramatically. We are also about to embark on a major construction project, which will disrupt our services and work even further.

While it is hard to plan around unpredictable events like pandemics and construction, the foundation of our planning remains the same. Our mission is still to enrich lives in our community through our services and staff. Our values still lie in the relationships we have within our community, being responsive to change, respecting the intellectual freedom and privacy of our patrons, and providing free and equitable access to everyone.

While we haven’t accomplished every goal from our current strategic plan, I’m proud of the progress we have made. We began our Adult Literacy and English Language Learning programs (though COVID interrupted their true establishment), we continued to offer early literacy programs like storytimes despite the pandemic, we continued to partner with the Friends Group to encourage caregivers to sign their young kids up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library service, and we have written some vital documents that will help train future employees and guide our services.

Much of this strategic plan was implemented because of the feedback we got from the community. We will be asking for your input again as we build the next strategic plan, so keep an eye out later this year and early next year for surveys at the library and/or links to surveys on our website and social media.