Read On! Reading is Reading

When you think about the act of reading for pleasure, what reading format do you picture? Most people picture someone reading a physical (usually fiction) book. I think that stereotype has done many people a disservice. If reading a physical chapter book is the only form of reading for pleasure, no wonder so many people think they don’t like to read!

Many years ago, back when I was a Teen Services Librarian, I told my teens signing up for Summer Reading that I didn’t care what they read – all formats counted. My standard line was something like, “you can read bound books, ebooks, audiobooks, comic books, magazines, newspapers, wordy websites, cereal boxes, or billboards. Just read.”

Some of my teens’ parents were surprised by this blanket permission. Reading should be fun! It’s better to find a format that you and/or your kids enjoy than to struggle and get frustrated trying to make yourself/them enjoy a format just because it’s traditional.

As you and your family work through our Summer Reading Program logs and activity sheets, feel free to read in any format you want. It all counts as reading. Reading an audiobook, magazine, ebook, or a comic book is not cheating. I promise. Plus, we aren’t requiring book reports when you turn things in. Just read and have fun, that’s all we’re looking for.

This week, don’t forget to take part in our Summer Reading activities! Look for the link on our Facebook page to PageTurner Adventures beginning Monday. Each week features different themes (Farmyard Friends this week) and various activities that go along with that theme. This will run through July 16th. We also have grab and go crafts for PageTurner Adventure and a grab & go book diorama. Our online toddler storytime will post Wed. and our First Chapter Friday reading will post Fri.