Read On! Animal Crossing

I’ve never been what anyone would call “hip” (even using that term tells you how unhip I am), so trends often pass me by. Luckily, we’re hosting a virtual Animal Crossing escape room this week, which inspired me to play the game and see what all the hype is about.

I didn’t expect to like it, but it’s a sweet game that’s slow-paced and surprisingly soothing. The basic premise is that you’ve decided to live on a deserted island with the help of the Nook Corporation. You start your island life in a tent with two fellow island dwellers and the Nook Co. staff. You can spend your time on the island doing whatever you want from collecting critters and digging for fossils to crafting a plethora of DIY projects.

While there are plenty of things you can do to advance the game and improve the amenities of your island, there’s no pressure to do any of it. In fact, it’s difficult to hurry in the game. Various species of critters are only available to catch during specific times of the year and specific times of the day. The game operates in real time, so if something is only available in the afternoon in July, you have to wait until an afternoon in July to find it.

The virtual escape room we have this week was created by The White Oak Library District (IL) Teen Services Team and is being used with their permission. In the escape room, a painting has gone missing from the island museum and you must help solve the crime. The White Oak Library District staff did a good job of recreating the atmosphere of the video game while offering a nice mystery.

Also this week, we have another PageTurner Adventure and related craft. Our bonus craft is candle art, so don’t forget to swing by Tuesday (we’re closed Monday) and grab your supplies! It’s also not too late to register for Summer Reading!

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