Read On! Save Money. Use Your Library.

Sometimes when I’m between (or avoiding) projects, I run random reports on our library software. We library workers really like to be able to get into the nitty gritty of library usage, so our library software, Apollo, has a whole host of reports we can run. The report I ran today while I was waiting […]

We have a new logo!

Ta-da! We’re so excited to reveal our new logo!

Introducing Mango Languages

  Do you want to learn to speak Cherokee while waiting to pick the kids up from school? Practice your Spanish at home in your underwear? Pick up some Russian while on vacation? The Pryor Library has purchased a subscription to Mango Languages which will allow you to do all that – and more. Use […]

Pryor Tornado: April 27, 1942

In April of 1942, while the world was in the midst of World War II, tragedy hit much closer to home. A devastating tornado tore through Pryor, leaving a wake of destruction in its path and earning the title of 5th most deadly tornado in Oklahoma history. Click the picture below to visit the full gallery.