Read On! Covid Times Are Strange Times

For the first time last month, our physical and digital checkout statistics were less than 200 items apart. It looks like October will have similar numbers to report. In normal times, our physical checkouts are about double what our digital checkouts are, but COVID-times are strange times. In fact, all of the statistics we normally […]

Read On! Vol. 130: Change & Transitions

  “You could not step twice into the same river” is a quote from Plato summarizing Heraclitus’ philosophy of change. The Persian adage “and this, too, shall pass away” is probably a more familiar way to express the same sentiment: Change is inevitable. Knowing change is destined to come doesn’t make it any easier though. […]

We have a new logo!

Ta-da! We’re so excited to reveal our new logo!

Introducing Mango Languages

  Do you want to learn to speak Cherokee while waiting to pick the kids up from school? Practice your Spanish at home in your underwear? Pick up some Russian while on vacation? The Pryor Library has purchased a subscription to Mango Languages which will allow you to do all that – and more. Use […]