Read On! The Movie Was Better

When comparing a book to the movie (or TV series) based on it, I strongly prefer the book about 98% of the time. The book is often richer, more immersive, and more satisfying than the visual interpretation could ever be. That is, except for that 2%. In those cases, the movie surpasses it’s written counterpart […]

Read On! Thankfulness Season

It’s the Thankfulness Season! I am thankful for so many things – the things I have and the opportunities I have been given – but mostly, I’m thankful for the people who make all of that meaningful. My Library Life thankfulness list goes like this: I’m thankful for the Library’s staff. They are a group […]

We have a new logo!

Ta-da! We’re so excited to reveal our new logo!

Introducing Mango Languages

  Do you want to learn to speak Cherokee while waiting to pick the kids up from school? Practice your Spanish at home in your underwear? Pick up some Russian while on vacation? The Pryor Library has purchased a subscription to Mango Languages which will allow you to do all that – and more. Use […]