Read On! General Update (and puppies)

Your Library and your Library Director are busy right now! We just had our first staff training day, we’re wrapping up the information gathering portion of our strategic planning, I’m preparing for a trip to Chicago to be part of a study on library bandwidth, and my family is fostering two adorable puppies from the […]

Read On! Pop Culture Libraries

  I love when the shows and movies we watch or the books we read include visits to the library. It’s fun to see my profession and my passion reflected in popular culture. It’s also fun to complain about what they get wrong or preen about how some visits to the library help the heroes […]

Read On! Library Card Sign-Up Month

In the middle of the Library’s board meeting last month my daughter, who just turned four, came in to ask, “Mommy, can I get a library card?” It was a heart-melting moment for this librarian. In our house, we’ve decided our kids will get cards when they’re old enough to write their names on the […]

Introducing Mango Languages

  Do you want to learn to speak Cherokee while waiting to pick the kids up from school? Practice your Spanish at home in your underwear? Pick up some Russian while on vacation? The Pryor Library has purchased a subscription to Mango Languages which will allow you to do all that – and more. Use […]